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Install DKIM and DMARC on Plesk 12.5

Now a days mail is an unavoidable part of life. How ever the misuse of mail also increasing day by day. Spaming, Spoofing etc. There are many way which can drag you into trouble with your mailbox. To stop such invalid sender, few new authentication protocol (like SPF, DomainKey) has …

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Top 5 Hidden Features of Plesk

Plesk is basically features oriented control panel. Every Plesk feature is very useful, however some features is not properly described on their documentation. This article will cover top 5 hidden features of Plesk. Top 5 Hidden features of Plesk Multiple SSL on a single IP (SNI) With Apache v2.2.12 and …

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FTP Directory listing Problem on Plesk

Many Plesk user facing issue with FTP directory listing. When you want to connect to FTP through Filezilla, FTP site connect successfully but it fails at the directory listing stage. I will demonstrate how to resolve FTP Directory listing Problem on Plesk linux server. This issue happens due to block of …

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Install ClamAV on Plesk Linux

Plesk provide 2 antivirus software with its default installation. Odin Premium Antivirus Kaspersky Antivirus (Required separate license) Dr.Web antivirus is used as “Odin Premium Antivirus” on Plesk Linux. Visit Dr.Web website for more information. The major drawback of Odin Premium Antivirus is it scans mailbox only. I was looking for …

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Improve website performance hosted on Plesk 12.5

Speedy website is the major concern for end user. Webhosting provider or who hosting their own websites have the ability to improve website performance hosted on Plesk 12.5 There are lot of ways to improve your website performance, caching, reducing content size, lazy load of image files and many others. In …

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Install FFMPEG on Plesk 12.5

Installing website software like ClipBucket or ClipShare is pretty hard on commercial webhosting control panel due to installation of FFMPEG library. No need to worry about it anymore, in this post I will show you how to install FFMPEG on Plesk 12.5 control panel. For this ilustration I took : Centos 6 …

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How to Install Memcached on Plesk 12.5

install memcached on plesk

Memcached is good caching server for wordpress. Top caching plugin like w3cache, w3 super cache use memcached engine to caching data. So it will be perfect if memcache can be setup on your Plesk panel. On this article I will show you how to install memcached on Plesk server. To …

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How to configure Slave DNS server for Plesk Windows

Plesk Control panel is very popular control panel among webhosting industry. Various webhosting company prefer Plesk over cPanel due to its business, developer and cross platform approach. But Plesk has a draw back when we are talking about failover infrastructure. Plesk does not have any failover tools like cPanel provide …

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Install Plesk 12.5 on AWS EC2 Ubuntu 14.04

If you are planning to host your websites on Amazon AWS EC2 & you are little confused what control panel to choose, here is the answer. You can use Plesk Web Admin Edition. which will cost around $4/month, cheaper than cPanel which cost $15/month. And features are near about same. Not only …

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