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Password less SSH authentication

Password less SSH authentication is one of the best security practices to avoid any password expose to attacke SSH is secure authentication mechanism, however Man-in-the-middle attack (MITM), Brute force attack these attack can expose password to the attackers. We need two components to make a ssh key working. Public Key, …

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How to Install Kernel 4.12 in CentOS 7

Install kernel 4.12 in centos 7

Back in May, Linus Torvalds released Linux kernel 4.11, which was codenamed Fearless Coyote. It came with scalable SSD swapping, AMDGPU power management improvement, new perf trace tool, SMC-R support, etc. Now, after releasing 7 release candidates, the final Linux kernel 4.12 has been shipped. In his release announcement, Linux boss emphasized that …

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Configure ProFTP with SSL/TLS

ProFTP is widely used FTP server among linux servers. ProFTP is used with several industry level control panel like cPanel, Plesk. In this tutorial I will show you, how to configure ProFTP with SSL/TLS and other security aspect. My test server Server : CentOS 7 ProFTP : 1.3.5 Step 1 …

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Install Let’s Encrypt on LAMP server


In this tutorial I will show you how to install Let’s Encrypt on LAMP server. Let’s Encrypt is a very popular certificate authority, provide free SSL. Yes my friend you don’t have to buy any SSL anymore. For this demonstration I choose CentOS 7, however the process is same for …

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Install LAMP stack on Ubuntu 16.04

Install LAMP stack is very well known to those who are already running their website on the any VPS or Dedicated server. In this tutorial I will show you how to install lamp stack on ubuntu 16.04 LTS system. Who are recently moving to the hosting-by-myself community, the following illustration must …

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How to setup the dhcp server in LAN

Introduction of DHCP: DHCP means dynamic host configuration protocol. DHCP server serves the ip address and dns server and gateway address to the every computer which are exist in the Local Area network. DHCP uses the port address 67 and 68. Dhcp server perform his work on the principle of …

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How to create LVM

What is LVM ? Full form of LVM is Logical Volume Management,  which includes allocating disks, striping, mirroring and resizing logical volumes. Single primary disk can be devided into multiple logical drive also multiple disk pool can be devided into multiple logical group. Its divide into logical partition Now you …

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How to create Access Control List (ACL) in the Squid proxy

Access Control using squid proxy: Access control in a proxy server can mean user account access,but also website or url,ip address or DNS blocking or restriction. We can easily established the access control server in our local network. At that time server is act as a gateway. At first squid …

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Setup Ubuntu as Router

Your old P4 PC can be used as a full featured router. Install Ubuntu / Debian & follow this step to setup ubuntu as router. You can take control over every bit of data flow through the router. Ok , lets start . Setup router on ubuntu debian, To configure …

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Squid Proxy Server

ABOUT SQUID PROXY SERVER: Squid proxy server enables you to cache your web content and return it quickly on subsequent requests. A proxy server is a server that caches the internet. Clients connect to the proxy server with a request for an internet server. The proxy server will connect to the …

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