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Configure OpenVPN in pfSence router OS

pfSense is well known router OS for its simplicity and wide options to  take control over your network. In the other hand OpenVPN is most popular VPN solution. In this tutorial I will show you, how to configure OpenVPN in pfSense router OS, facilitate remote client user to the network behind …

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How To Configure OSPF Routing In CISCO router

Introduction of OSPF: Open Shortest path first (OSPF) is a routing protocol for internet network. It is basically a dynamic routing protocol. OSPF is an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) for routing. OSPF supports internet version 4 and internet version 6 network and also use Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM) and …

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Introduction Of RIP The Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is one of the Distance Vector Routing  Protocol. The maximum number of hop count in this protocol is 15. Originally, each RIP router transmitted full updates every 30 seconds. It is easy to configure, because RIP does not require any parameters on a router …

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Creating Static Routing Between Two Different Network

WHAT IS STATIC ROUTING? Static routing is a process of routing where administators are manually create the routing table into the router.routing table consist of a source address ,destination address & gateway address. PROJECT OVERVIEW: In this project we use two 1841 series cisco router,and two router are connected together …

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