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Top 5 Hidden Features of Plesk

Plesk is basically features oriented control panel. Every Plesk feature is very useful, however some features is not properly described on their documentation. This article will cover top 5 hidden features of Plesk.

Top 5 Hidden features of Plesk

  1. Multiple SSL on a single IP (SNI)

With Apache v2.2.12 and OpenSSL v0.9.8j and later you can use a transport layer security (TLS) called SNI (Server Name Identification). SNI can secure multiple Apache sites using a single SSL Certificate and use multiple SSL Certificates to secure various websites on a single domain (e.g. www.yourdomain.com, site2.yourdomain.com) or across multiple domains (www.domain1.com, www.domain2.com)—all from a single IP address.   – digicert.com

Plesk 12.5 comes with in-built SNI support for both Linux & Windows (Later Windows 2012). Using SNI feature you can install multiple SSL on a single IP.

  1. Dedicated / Shared IP

Dedicated / Shared IP concept is different when you are on Plesk. People are coming from cPanel it will be awkward.
Usually dedicated IP means, the IP to be used by only one domain and shared to be used by all domains.
Plesk thought it in different way.

Dedicated IP is dedicated to Customer account or Reseller account. Once you assign a dedicated IP to a customer’s subscription, the IP will be bind to the customer account and the same is applicable for reseller account as well. Multiple subscriptions or domains can be assigned to the dedicated IP. The same way Admin can assign multiple subscription on a single dedicated IP.

  1. Trial Licensing Feature

Plesk trial license is valid for 14 days. You can download trial license from Plesk official website,  however trial license can be used multiple times. If you need some more days, contact Plesk sales team. Plesk sales team can extend the trial license validation with valid reason.

There is no difference between Linux & Windows license for Plesk 12.x.

  1. Free goodies

Plesk ship with some extra software with free license like Magicspam, Dr.Web Antivirus (formally Odin Premium Antivirus), mod_security rules from Atom.

  1. Migration over Backup / Restore

Plesk panel comes with a powerful extension called Plesk Migrator. This tool has the capability to copy over the web content, database and mail content from one Plesk to another. The most interesting part is, you can migrate your websites from cPanel as well LAMP server.

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